Cat Scouts and Happy New Year!


Dear Kitty Cat Diary…

Gosh I’m so sorry that it’s been such a very long time since I’ve written here to you. I am a very busy kitty and I have so much to do you know? I have to lay in the sun and sit on my kitty tree…..and then there’s napping, tugging and chasing little bugs wherever I can find them. If I cannot find them, I manufacture them in my mind.  No, really….it’s true! I think my mommy thinks I’m crazy because when I get really bored, I try to give her the creeps and scare her. It’s really fun late at night when daddy is already asleep and mommy is up watching TV or playing online.  I stare at the wall near our front door and I totally freak her out as I stare and then jump at the wall as if something is really inside of it. Honestly, nothing is inside of the wall because they’ve checked and double checked. Daddy says there’s probably squirrels on the porch that are making me a little frisky late at night.

So we just finished Christmas with that time of the year when they put a tree right in the middle of the house!  I love to get up into the middle of that tree and pull stuff down, especially the tree itself! But then, they go and get this stinky spray and it makes me run away and stay far away from that thing. Then we have that day when everyone comes over and I’m not your social butterfly, honestly. You think I’m pretty friendly here, because this is where I write my fun thoughts and all the stuff that happens to me.   I am very friendly, loving and a very good girl; but I just don’t like excitement or a whole bunch of people around. I especially only like children from a distance! I love to be “Angel Kitty Luna” and send the sick children letters, photos and fun little toys to cheer them. But the kids that come around here are really small and super loud; in fact they scream very very loudly! When they come over, I run and hide under the bed….MOL.

I love the holidays because daddy is home for a long time and then mommy and daddy stay up late with me. They stay home often and I get lots of snuggles. I’m not your normal snuggly kind of feline. I do not enjoy being picked up and hugged but I don’t mind hugs and kisses if I pick the time and place.  Most of all I like to lay in my mommy’s lap and sleep all cuddled up….but….only when I CHOOSE to do so! She would like me to sleep on her all the time but I like to be picky about the timing of my snuggles. I also have a little trick that I like to do. When they pick up their keys to go out the door, I jump onto the counter top and start licking the water faucet. I think they’ve got my “number” now though! They have started to turn on the water before they go out, as they are putting on their coats, shoes etc. I had them going for awhile though! I used to make them late for everything and put off their time of leaving me alone. I put off the feeling that I am a “loner” but I truly am a lover and don’t tell anyone, but I really do like to cuddle on my mommy!

Well, 2017 is just around the corner! I cannot believe I will be 7 years old this coming July 25th! I have been here with my pawrents for 4 years on January 29th!  I know that everyone is supposed to have something for the “New Year”, some kind of resolution or something they are going to do differently.  Well, I’ve decided to join a Cat group! How about that? It is called “Cat Scouts” and it is at “” and I am excited about it. I actually joined awhile back, but have not really become a full member until just today. Mommy got me my own profile page and joined some groups for me today. We even put some pictures up and I’ve made a few new furriends! I’m pretty excited about being a “Cat Scout”. So I will let you know how it goes! I really hope that it doesn’t go like most New Year’s resolutions go….and that means…by the wayside!! MOL…noooooo way….My mommy is a fun one and we will do lots with the Cat Scouts! So “HAPPY NEW YEAR” to all of you, my special furriends who come here to visit me. I will try to write more often and I’m sorry that it has been so long between posts this time. We will do better and I will get my mommy to come here and let you know what’s going on with me more often.  Loads of Kitty love to you all!!! Come back and see me again soon!

imagePhoto Dec 25, 6 52 33 PM.jpg


11 thoughts on “Cat Scouts and Happy New Year!

  1. Meowllo Luna. It’s very nice to meet you. You’ll luv cat scouts. Me Dezi, is da chaplain, so ifin you need anythin’ just let me know. You can find mes bloggy with mes sisfur Raena by clickin’ on our name at this comment. We look furward to lots of adventures together. We’re Service Cats fur our disabled mommy, but we’re not too fond of little noisy humans either. And we don’t make resolutions. Mommy says we can’t keep ’em, like yours, they usually go to da wayside. MOL See ya’ soon.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

    1. Thank you so much for visiting & I will come to visit you very soon! My meowmy is very much in pain, she had a nerve disease called RSD. It hurts a lot and do I cuddle with her!! BUT ONLY HER! I don’t like many humans except daddy and meowmy! Those babies come around and screech n yell and I hightail it under meowmy’ bed!! They all them granddaughters!! Mol

  2. Hi Luna Skye! I’m Angel Sammy’s Mom Pam…..our “Angel” Sammy passed away on December 2nd this year so he’s an “Angel” at the Bridge but is still at Cat Scouts as the Troop Leader of Wildcats and Assistant Leader of the Rumblers which you just joined! You will love being a Cat Scout. Tons of fun. It sounds like your Mom is not only very brave but a brilliant advocate for others who suffer with chronic pain and a variety of other issues. I’m glad she has you to help her……I just wanted to stop by to say hi to you on your blog…..Angel Sammy has a blog too as they let him use a laptop at the Rainbow Bridge so he can still blog and work at Scouts. We are also on WordPress at Some see us sometime! We will be following your adventures HERE and at Scouts!

    Hugs, Pam

  3. Hi Luna! We’re The Florida Furkids and your Patrol Leader in Raz’s Rumblers , Raz, is one of us. Our sisfur Allie is a Cat Scout too. You’re going to love being a Cat Scout. If there is anything you need, let us know.

    The Florida Furkids

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