It’s Been Awhile!

Hello Furriends!

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve been here because I’ve just been a lazy cat! You know how it is, chasing little lady bugs and eating, sleeping & just trying to look purrrrty for everyone; is a job in & of itself! I’ve been doing just those things and it’s full time!

No, honestly I’m thinking my Meowmy must’ve just been super busy? She has to allow me my computer time ya know? She was sick a lot since August also! But I’m baaack! I’m here to stay and very happy to see new followers! Thank you so much! I’ll try to share my most interesting stories with you!

Do you remember how I started life out in an abusive home? I’ve never enjoyed food and I don’t love wet food like most kitty’s. I have never liked treats either! Something must’ve happened to me that I don’t remember? I do know that I was in a hoarders home and I was abused, though….the first 1 1/2 years of my Little life! But then I found my pawrents! Everything has been so much better since we found each other! But, still… my Meowmy has tried so many different treats and she’s just wasted money after money because I don’t like any treats! I never have!!

Wellll until now!! Meowmy finally hit the “jackpot”, and she finally found some treats that I like! But…..then ……now I have totally stopped eating wet food of even the best kinds!! But she got me a special kind of treat stick called “Sheeba”! She breaks it in half and gives me 2 halves each day now! I get really excited and I cannot wait for them to eat breakfast! I get one snack then and one snack later in the evening! I’m not sure why she’s so excited? But I sure am happy!! I even play with the treat a little bit before eating it!! MOL…(do you know that “MOL” is “Meow out loud”? ) … ohhh and there’s another treat that they found for me and I cannot even believe that I also like the little pieces of real tuna and real salmon! I cannot remember the brand name of those? But I’ll tell you the next time we hang out together, OK?

Well, I just wanted to share the great news about Miss Finicky, me, actually eating & enjoying treats for about the past 2 months or so? I guess you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!!!? But you can still teach a smart, (almost 8 year old) cat, to like treats!!! After years of my forever not liking them, I really do!

Thank you so much for your Friendship and your patience (& most of all for following me/is/,! I love you 💕 so much! You are Pawsome!! 🤟🏼🦋

The Beginning….THE HOARDER”S




Dear Diary,

Hello!! My name is Luna and I’m a domestic medium/short hair mix ..and all white kitty cat! I have beautiful light bright green eyes and I know what I want and I let it be known! I’m very intelligent and I truly do know how to communicate with my humans. I’m going to first tell you my story and then we’ll get on with the more important things like weekly fun stories about me and the little “dickens” that I am.
I was living in a “Hoarders” house with 27 other cats and about 10 or so dogs. We werent’ fed and we were all starving, but the dogs got really upset when they didn’t get fed. I mean we can hunt for ourselves if we really need to…find a mouse or a few bugs and we are good for a few hours, right? Well, dogs just don’t hunt well and they started feeding on the cats in the house and that was really scary for me. I found that my body was doing weird things and I felt the instinct to get out of the house. I snuk out one time when the door was opened and I went to a neighbors deck and hid under there. Before I knew it, I had 2 kittens with me and I had to feed and protect them. But before long, the neighbors found us and I was very thin at only about 6 lbs at 1 1/2 yrs old and full grown! I was very hungry and scared when they found us. They put us in a box and took us BACK to the place I escaped from. I was very worried….scared and I wondered what would become of us?
When the neighbors took us back to the humans that I escaped from, they noticed that there were waaaay too many kitty’s running around. None of them looked very healthy and the dogs were starving as well. They called the Humane Society and they came and rescued all of us!! Yayyy for them and for my “foster mom” who took care of me and my kittens for the next 6 mos!
I stayed there and they found that I needed to get healthy and was very ill. I needed to be with my kittens longer than most. My foster mom took me and my kittens for as long as it would take for me to get strong and be less fearful and timid.
After 6 months went by, a young lady who was 24 years old, took me home in a box with some holes in it. I was a little scared…or maybe a lot scared really…When I got “home” I had to go to the bathroom and there were no windows and it was really small. I didnt’ like it much in there. I was really scared and the girl was so nice and she felt really bad for me. But you see she already had one kitty and when I came, the Humane Society workers told her to put me in the bathroom for a few days and let me out for a few hours at a time until me and the other kitty could get to know each other and become friends.
After about 4 or 5 days of her kitty and me both hissing and not really wanting anything to do with this new arrangement, she felt really bad for her kitty and for me. She didn’t want me to have to go back to the humane society, so she called her mommy and daddy. Luckily, her mommy and daddy had been thinking about becoming parents to a kitty like me. I was scared but I’m very strong and resilient, so I was hoping for something good to happen.
We arrived at her parents house and immediately I was taken down the basement. It wasn’t so bad because it’s carpeted and has a few nice bedrooms and stuff down there. In fact, it’s actually a pretty interesting place with loads of boxes to explore, rooms to run in and things to investigate. But when it got a little bit quiet, I decided that I was not staying down there alone, if I could help it. I noticed from the bottom of the stairs, that the door was only like a 1/2 door and it had been “cut off” because there had once been teenagers down there and the parents wanted to know what was always going on! MOL…(meow out loud)…
So, I saw the 1/2 door and from the bottom of the steps I could hear them talking. Suddenly, there was a “bang” noise and I jumped from the bottom of the steps to the top of this tiny 1/2 inch ‘top of door’ little ledge! The people ran up to me and started laughing hysterically! I simply didn’t see what was so funny?? But I decided that they were kinda nice and I might stay there awhile if they kept it up.  I also felt like my new mommy and I were “kindred spirits” because as I later have found out, she was abused and had much trauma in her life; just like me.   We just had a special connection and now a very special bond that cannot be broken!
That was one year and almost 2 months ago! I now weigh 10 pounds and I’m a very loved and happy kitty cat!!! I’m still persnickety and skittish most of the time, but I’m so adorable, affectionate and loving. It took me a whole year, but with their love, patience and kindness; I now will jump up into my mommy’s chair and sit with her for the evening. It is my “thing” now and that’s just what we do. I won’t sit there most other times, but geez…it took me almost a year to do that!! I used to sleep in the bed next to her at night time, but when I started jumping up into her chair, then I stopped sleeping at night with her. I’m not sure what is wrong with the bed or the bedroom or the upstairs, but I just never want to go up there anymore. Once in awhile mommy opens the window in her bedroom and then somehow I just know and I go upstairs and she’ll open the window curtains for me. I can sit in a window for hours!!   I  enjoy sitting on my “cat tree” in front of the big door wall window for a large part of the mostly sunny days.  I also love to lounge around on the pillow covered “box seat” of the front room’s bay window!  I love to stalk and hunt bugs in the basement!  I can jump onto the mantle as if it was nothing! I am a very loved kitty cat now days!
Well, my furrriends…that is enough for one day! I am glad to meet you and I hope we have many adventures together…Have a wonderful week and I’ll see you soon.
May the “fierce be with you” and the “purrs” be ever in your favor!
Kitty Luv,
Luna Skye