Headbutts & Purrs


Dear Diary,

I just don’t know if my pawrents know how lucky they are that they “got” me for life?? I am the best kitty cat in the whole world.  Of course I only give hugs and love when “I” want to and I don’t like any kind of treats and barely even like food at all. Im a bit goofy that way.  I was hurt and abused when I was a kitten and my mommy and daddy now (for the past 4 years) don’t really know everything that I endured for my first year and half of life.  I was in the hospital and then foster care after that for 6 months because I was so very thin and sick. I had every parasite and illness possible, just about.   The foster mommy and daddy were nice and they had triplets that were age 11.  I used to sleep with the girls. They let me keep my 2 kittens until I got adopted first, because I was such a good mommy.  I remember them and they were sweet babies and looked just like me! My forever mommy has one photo of them after they’d been into some mischief and had gotten into fireplace soot! They are white cats just like me, but they looked like black kittens! MOL…(Do you know “MOL”??? It is just like “LOL” but in Cat speak….so it is saying “Meow out loud”…get it??)

So I’m going on 7 years old this Summer and I’ve started to play like a kitten again. Mommy and daddy are so excited that I’m “into” playing again. I don’t like bought toys or conventional things. I prefer to chase a piece of string that they have tied to a plastic rod and it has a ton of knots in it. I LOVE LOVE to chew on knots!  I know I’m so silly! I am the weirdest cat in that I don’t like wet food.  Most cats run when they smell the moist, wet food come out.  Mommy tries every now and again, to get me to eat the wet food. So once in awhile I devour a little few bites of “Natural Balance Salmon and green pea limited ingredient” wet cat food.  But mostly I just like a dry food mixture of the “Natural Balance limited ingredient, Salmon and green pea and Chicken and green pea” dry food. Sometimes I do like to sniff around when Mommy is making Tuna salad sandwiches. She gives me just a couple of “pinches” of the tuna and I really do love that.  But even then, I walk away after a pinch or two!

I must say that I am such a good girl! I’m so pretty and sleek and actually pretty gorgeous! But I’m not conceited at all! I think that I’m the most precious, smartest and best behaved kitty ever! But again, I’m not conceited at all. I think My mommy is going to post a video tape of me playing with my string knots that I love to chew and gnaw on. The weirdest thing, or another odd thing about me, is that I don’t like conventional toys either! MOL….I like the ones daddy makes for me but I don’t like or prefer “store bought” toys.  For Halloween, Mommy got me some “kitty YODA ears” to wear. I was NOT having any of that. I am a CAT and I will not be lowered to wear any kind of “ears” other than my own! Besides, it’s my mommy and daddy’s job to please me, in life….right? In the long run, by them pleasing me…..It makes them happy, so I let them please me pretty much whenever they want…MOL….


Have a great day everyone and come back to my Kitty Cat Diaries again…see what I’m up to! Sending lots of headbutts, purrs and Kitty LOVE!

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